Privat Dinning

TOP gastronomy at home


4 courses / €75.00 / 3 luxury snacks / 2 starters, 1 main course and 1 dessert°

5 courses / €90.00 / 3 luxury snacks / 3 starters, 1 main course and 1 dessert°

°2 desserts are also possible with 1 starter less.


5 courses / €125.00 / surprise menu with luxury products and 3 luxury snacks


Pure vegetable menu / €75.00 / €90.00 / €125.00

Pure fish, seafood menu / €75.00 / €90.00 / €125.00

A 4-course menu is possible from 10 people, information on request for fewer people. Basic price for less than 10 people is €750.

Prices are exclusive of VAT, working hours and transport costs.

For more information, the full menu and prices, please email me.

Easter menu

€90 per person, surprise dishes with luxury products.

3 luxury snacks followed by 2 starters, 1 main course, 1 dessert

Menus valid from 10 people, with less information on request

Prices excluding VAT, working hours, travel costs and possible rental equipment


What can you expect from a private chef at home?

First we discuss your specific wishes together. Would you prefer an extensive lunch, a luxury drink or an intimate course dinner, with or without wines? As a private chef at home I make everything possible!

Based on your preferences, I will start with a menu, do the purchasing and then dive into the kitchen. Just before the dinner starts (about an hour before it starts) I turn your living room into a home restaurant and I use the kitchen to dot the i's.

When the guests have arrived and settled in, I serve the culinary works of art to you and your guests, of course with an explanation of the dishes and possibly matching wines.

When all courses have been served and you are having a nice dinner, I'll make sure the dining room and kitchen are cleaned up. After the private dinner at home, everything looks spic and span again, as if no one has been there.