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Can the kitchen crew of your restaurant, hotel or cafe temporarily use some extra support? Then you are in the right place with Chef Fuchs. Chef Fuchs has been working as a freelance chef for years. You can hire this self-employed chef for a single day to support your kitchen crew, but also for a few days, weeks or months. Chef Fuchs is extremely flexible and likes to adapt.


Over the years, Chef Fuchs has worked for many clients. Think of renowned restaurants, but also hotels and cozy eateries. For Chef Fuchs it does not matter in which environment he will work: he works well in all kitchens. His passion for cooking makes it possible to make the most delicious dishes in any working environment.


Do you need temporary support in the kitchen? Then it is interesting to hire a freelance chef. If you hire a freelancer, you are not committed to anything. In addition, you do not have to keep payroll and pay expensive insurance. And do you no longer need support? Then the agreement is simply over. Chef Fuchs likes to come when you need him and leave the kitchen when the kitchen crew can stand on their own two feet again.


Chef Fuchs applies an attractive rate for all his jobs. Are you curious about the costs of his professional support? Then you can request a quote without obligation and of course free of charge. You do this by filling in the quotation form. After completing the quotation form, freelancer Chef Fuchs will contact you to provide you with a cost estimate of his services.



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Privat Chef

Pascal Fuchs, Privat chef, from Belgium moved to côte d'azur comes to your help. With a great experience, a flexible and disciplined attitude, he adapts to all situations and to all team dynamics. He will find the best solution to your problem. Pascal Fuchs takes care of all that is attractive to the kitchen and for the organization of your party. He carefully prepares exclusive gourmet dinners , gala dinners, as well as 'home cooking'. Looking for a chef or sous-chef to temporarily complete your team? A great experience of gourmet chef can lead any team already installed. What are the advantages of hiring a Pascal Fuchs freelance chef? A chef freelance is independent and accustomed to adapt to each position as well as each situation. You have the advantage of taking advantage of its wide professional network for everything you need. The fees are set in advance so that you know exactly and at each the cost of services incurred. Operational in Europe For further information, do not hesitate to contact

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