Don't waste time lose weight

Let's Shake!!!!

What's the name in your life that you feel good about yourself I have struggled for years with overweight, always tired, no zest for life, all kinds of ailments, in short was not healthy I did various diets but always with yo-yo effect until one day I my Belgian Meeting friend told me his story and shared his experiences with me I thought to myself again if all those other diets are but well I decided to give it a try and was interesting for me because I was working as a chef and lead a very irregular life and in any case had no time for hobbies and sports. I started and after 1 week I started to behave and feel differently and had also lost a few kilos as I followed his program, I got more zest for life my ailments disappeared slowly and even felt like exercising? I started walking daily about 10km a day in my spare time. But sports is not necessary if you follow his program but it enlightens my mind and I come to rest 2 years later ,I feel great and In the meantime I have lost 45 kg I have a sense of life again I never had  hunger and 1 day a week I drink & eat what I want 

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